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04/14/10 05:45 PM #1    


Vickie Mitchell (Neely)

Welcome to the Spotsylvania High School Class Of 1970 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

05/05/10 04:47 PM #2    


Dennis Michaliga

Welcome oldtimers.  Dennis Michaliga here.  I'm not sure how this part of the site works, but hey, I'm game, and will give it a shot!!!   Great to see classmates signing up.  I'm emailing any old friends I can think of  and advicing them to join.  Looking forward to seeing as amny of you as possible at the reunion.

By the way.  If you belong to, you can copy and paste your old yearbook photos onto your Classmates profile.

See you soon, I hope.

Dennis Michaliga

05/16/10 02:17 PM #3    


Sandra Black (Bean)

Hey, Vickie, wonderful job on this website.  I did a preliminary profile and will update when I have more time.  Right now there's an estate sale down the street that is calling out to me.  Can't wait to see my old friends in October.  Hope you will have name tags....  Best regards, Sandra Black Bean

05/17/10 04:58 PM #4    


Betty Jean Chewning (Lord)

I'm so excited to see my old friends signing up at our website!  Hopefully many more will follow suit since the letters have gone out and our classmates become aware of our page :) I can't wait to see you guys at the reunion and yes Sandra, we will need name tags!! LOL

See you in October!!

Betty Chewning Lord


05/19/10 07:54 PM #5    


Sandra Black (Bean)

Vickie and Betty Jean - I just love this web site.  I keep fooling around with it when I should be working.  Please don't make it any better!  Kiss, Sandra  P.S.  Some guys like the new car smell, I think Dennis Michaliga likes that new wife smell.....

05/27/10 10:21 PM #6    

Janet Hall (Townsley)

Hi Vickie, Great job on the website.  I signed up and will come back and fill in some more information.  Can't wait to see everyone.

05/31/10 09:24 PM #7    


Vickie Mitchell (Neely)


Don't worry.... we will have nametags.... I think we all need them to find each other..... LOL

06/05/10 12:02 PM #8    

Joyce Williams (Graves)

Hello everyone,

I was opening my mail this morning, and I saw the letter from the Spotsylvania Senior High School Committee.  I had recently heard about the 40th SHS Class of '70" reunion from my cousin, but hadn't received my letter.  I'm very excited about this event and the anticipation of seeing everyone in October.  I immediately got on-line and added my information to the classmate profile.  The website is very nice with a lot of sections to visit about the things of the past at Spotsy.  Next, I placed a call to Betty and Vicky and shared my excitement again.

I have  received all types of news today in my home.  My son, Monty Williams (assistance coach for the Portland Trailblazers for 5 plus years)  just got the head NBA basketball coaching job for the New Orleans, Hornets.  I just spoke with him, and he said its unofficial until he sign the documents on Tuesday.  I'm very proud of my kid, young man, SON and can't wait until he sign the official documents next week.  Anyway, back to the upcoming class reunion, I can't wait to see everyone, especially the teachers in October.

Take care everyone.  I will be checking out everyone's profile and more of this website over the next few months.

Oh! BTW:  I just got married to my best friend, Glen E. Graves last September 2009.   So, he will be attending the class reunion with me.


Joyce Samuels Williams Graves









06/14/10 09:37 PM #9    


Keith Stafford (Mr. Stafford)

I was sitting through my local high school graduation the other night when I got a call from Bill Neely chastising me for not posting for the class site. I thought he was calling me to warn me of an impending legal action against me. I was so relieved when I found out it was just about the reunion, I didn't crap myself. I can't wait to see all of my old, and I mean old, class mates and swap lies. I have found that as I get older, I have become more awesome in my own mind. I need some people to tell me how ordinary I am. John Holmes is dead, it's just me now. But I digress. can't wait to see you all.


06/17/10 10:30 AM #10    

Ray Dean Haney

For all u classmates coming in from out of town and need a place to stay,you should check out a new place in Spotsylvania, it's only a quarter mile from the old Wilber Wallace store (I'm sure u all remember that old landmark) it's called Stevenson Ridge. Check them out on Facebook.  Looking forward to seeing u all.   Ray

07/28/10 06:50 PM #11    

Margaret Jones (Venzon)

Hello, 1970 Classmates.

Thank you, Vickie, for your correspondence on this 40 year event.  I look forward to seeing you and everyone in our class.  The 20 year reunion was outstanding and I know this one will be even better.  Thank you,  to the folks who planned this event.... The 20 year, now the 40, I question the 60 year event.   Awesome, website!!!! 

08/25/10 11:49 AM #12    

Brenda Hatchel (Hertsch)

First of all I would like to say "Thanks" to Vickie and the rest of the reunion committee for getting our 40th together. I have many fond memories of Spotsy and am looking forward to seeing everyone again. Life has brought many changes I'm sure for most of us . Yes, I  agree with the name tag suggestion....I have fully enjoyed reading responses from others and thanks to all of them for sharing. I will be going on vacation to Hawaii in October and I "Do Not" like to fly so wish me luck; it's a long flight....I'm told it will be worth it. See everyone in October.

09/29/10 04:46 PM #13    


Dennis Michaliga

OH......MY.....GAWD!!!!!!!!!!!      There's 23 days, 17 hours, 17 minutes and 56, 58, 58, SECONDS until I walk into the room and say WTF!!!!!!!   Not sure what that means, but my daughter told me to use it to make a point.  Please, don't be upset if I say, "Ahhhhh.....who are you?"   And I won't be either.  What I'd like to see if a bunch of pictures posted by classmates before the reunion.  Come on folks.  If you don't know how, just ask any 30 year old, and they'll show you how to download one.  Looking forward to this.

09/29/10 04:57 PM #14    


Dennis Michaliga

Thanks Vickie for posting the 1990 reunion photo of me, Jeff and Lynn.  After looking at it, I want everyone to know, Jeff and I have nothing to hide, although it may look that way........

10/24/10 06:12 PM #15    


Sandra Black (Bean)

Vickie Mitchell Neely - awesome job!  I really enjoyed the event.  Spend so much time talking to my friends that I never made it to the buffet!  No problem, just meant I didn't need to imbibe as much.....  I have some great photos that I will post on the web site within the next few days.  Unfortunately, I started taking photos late in the evening and did not get one of everybody and even more unfortunately, when reveiwing them today there are none that I can ask anyone to "buy back" before I post them......  Don't mention that point to your lawyer husband.....  It was great!!! 

10/24/10 11:03 PM #16    


Debbie Dickinson (Tate)

Vickie..Thank you and the committee so much for everything ya'll did to pull this off.  I had a great time and cannot wait for the next one!!  Of course that is probably the furthest thing from your mind right now :-)

Look forward to seeing the pictures posted but remember you are supposed to edit/photoshop so we all look our best...RIGHT??   Thanks Sandra and Carol for taking a lot of pics as well - should prove to be interesting to see how they turn out!

Hope everyone has/had a safe journey home and look forward to continuing contact using this case I haven't said it lately - Website is AWESOME!!!

p.s.  Larry where was that bus parked???  Looked everywhere and ended up driving myself home!!

10/25/10 07:45 AM #17    


Dennis Michaliga

Why am I not surprised that the two individuals that seemed to get louder as the evening evolved were the first to post.  Does the term "party animals" come to mind ***hic**** LOL.  Had a great time.  Way to go Vicki......more to follow.

10/25/10 12:59 PM #18    


Janice Sealy

WHAT AN AWESOME EVENING!!!  I haven't had such a FUN evening laughing and talking with friends.  It's easy to understand why so many of us wound up outside continuing the laughter and lingering a little longer.

I'm looking forward to our next get-together and truly hope we'll being doing something together SOON!  To further encourage this, everyone is invited to return to the Eagles Lodge November 13th.  So many asked about my music SO that's when I play again and if you want to come, I'll make sure you get inside.


10/25/10 06:27 PM #19    

Tommy Fuller






11/15/10 07:11 AM #20    


Dennis Michaliga

Thanks Vickie for posting the reunion photos.  Again, you and the committee have done an outstanding job.  I was wondering if you also received pictures from some of our classmates that brought their own cameras, as I saw quite a few.  At some point I hope to sit down and send a short email to each of you I was able to converse with last month.  Funny thing was the old gang I used to hang out with were the ones I didn't recognize for the most part and those who didn't really run with the crowd that I frequented (and believe me, that's not intended as a fact, you were probably the SMART ones...LOL)  I seemed to pick them out a lot easier.  I still feel terrible at not recognizing Paul Hairfield.  Guess all I had in my mind was the yearbook picture and all that hair in front buddy.  Don't worry Paul, we all have become a little hair challenged.  Except the women....hummm, go figure. 

Vickie.  You mentioned that you thought you might only post some of the photos and then offer a CD with all the gory details     Is that still in the plans?


11/29/10 11:39 AM #21    


Vickie Mitchell (Neely)

I just stumbled onto this Message Forum.... I had checked my individual messages, but had forgotten all about this forum..... :)  So glad that so many people have responded..... and so glad that so much fun was had by so many.....

Still waiting for some photos from the many people who brought their own cameras to the reunion.....if you have good photos, please send them directly to me instead of posting a large amount on the or two is fine to be posted under your name, but if you have more, please go through me to add them to our gallery... this will also keep us from using up all of the photo space on our site.... :)

I will try and post the results of the reunion survey after the holiday......

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday..... keep in touch !

10/03/19 08:16 AM #22    


Janet Morgan (Crickenberger)

Thanks to the committee for organizing our 50th.  We just moved to S.C. and love it.  But will certainly return for reunion.


Janet Morgan Crickenberger

03/02/23 11:31 AM #23    

Franklin Brooks

Cheryl and I plan to attend the reunion.

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