Missing Classmates

The names listed below are the names of classmates who have not joined our site and created a profile.  Most of them have been mailed information about the site.  Classmates for whom we do not have an address are listed under the tab "We Need Your Help"... if you have info about classmates listed under this tab, please contact us !

If you know the email address of any of classmates listed on the list below, please send them an invitation to join our site and give them our web address:  www.spotsylvania70.com  .   If you do not know their email address but are in contact with anyone on this list, please urge them to visit the site and create a profile so that we can communicate with them !!

Buck Acors
Patricia Alsop (Rumsey)
Emmett Anderson
Harry Banks
Alfred Berryman
Gary Boswell
Judy Breeden (Boyle)
Bruce Bridges
Larry Brooks
Rhonda Brooks (Dickinson)
Skippy Brooks
Susan Brooks (Smith)
Gwen Butler
Frankie Byies
Brenda Canada
Frances Carr
Mike Carroll
Nancy Carroll (Williams)
Mary Carter (Pendleton)
Roger Clarke
Nellie Coleman
Brenda Dickerson
Gordon Durrette
Bernice Fairchild
David Flanigan
William Fletcher
Carlton Flippo
Deborah Flippo
Earl Vincent Fox
Diane Gardner (Huffman)
James Graves
Marie Griggs (Nave)
Janet Haney (Shelton)
Calvin Harper
James Harris
Randy Hart
Etta Hill (Carter)
Eugene Huffman
Jack Huffman
Tim Humphries
Charlotte Jackson (Fairchild)
Glenn Jackson
Doug Jett
Page Jett (Gruber)
Barbara Johnson
Rassie Jones
Warren Kilby
Carolyn Lewis
Billy Lockner
Dwight Luck
Bonita Marshall (Berger)
Donna Marshall (Smith)
Joan Mastin (Gardner)
Thelma Miller
Richard Mills
Corene Minor
George Minor
Juanita Minor
Rosa Minor (Lewis)
Edward Nance
Edwin Nance
Bobby Newton
Chuck Newton
France Oakes (Rose)
George O'Bier
Gwen Parker
Lillly Payne (Haley)
Mary Lee Payne (McLeod)
Sharon Payne
John Pendleton
Loretta Rigsby
Thomas Sales
Pam Saunders (Jonker)
Sandra Shepherd (Chewning)
Rhonda Simms (Luck)
Shirley Simms (Farley)
Mike Skebo
George Smith
Barry Stanley
Marilyn Stewart
Calvin Sullivan
Gene Sullivan
June Sullivan
Ruth Taylor
Brenda Thomas (Carr)
Bernard Thompson
Tommy Toney
Alvin Tyler
Deborah Upshur (Roberts)
Mickie Lou Wallace
Veronica Washington (Cary)
Jerry Weedon
Lynda Wheeler (Deitz)
Donald Wigglesworth
Alice Williams (Farmer)
Beverly Loretta Williams
Velva Wine (Griffith)
Al Witt
Catherine Woodward (Ivey)
Robert Woolfolk

Guest Members

Sandi Bell
Garnett Campbell