Friends of Our Class

Listed below are students that attended Spotsy High several years with our class but did not graduate with the class of 1970.  We welcome them to visit our site and attend our reunion.  If your name is on the list and  you would like to attend the reunion or  to submit a profile and/or photo , please contact us.   If you have contact information for someone on the list or if you know of other names that were omitted from the list unintenionally, please  let us know so we can make additions or corrections.  You can contact us by using the"ContactUs" tab on the left.                                        

Elizabeth Allen                        Janie Kennedy                     Brenda Shelton

Debbie Carroll                          Phyllis Kidd                        Linda Smith

Tommy Curtis                           Lacey Lord                         Debra Staton                                    

Elaine Darden                          Renee Powell                       Karen Wendler

Linda Gatewood                        Joyce Raines                        Linda Mason

Nannie Hamlett                       Vincent Richards