Our Music

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Above is a "Playlist" of some of the  songs popular during our years in high school. We tried to make selections that represented the various types of music popular from 1965-1970.   If you have a favorite song that is not on the playlist, please contact us and we will try to add it it we can. ( We originally had 100 songs, but some of them "disappeared", for example all of the songs by the Beatles.  We believe that they were  pulled by the Playlist program for what we believe to be copy issues. We attempted to correct this, but we not successful.... )

After browsing through the various songs, click on one song and the music will begin. The volume of the songs can be adjusted by the volume control on the right side. The songs will continue to play one after the other.

 If you would like the songs to continue to play while you explore our site, click the "pop-up" button.  A new screen will pop up. Click the on button on this player.   Leave the window  there, and then click on another title from the left hand side.  As you  navigate to other pages as you explore the site, the songs will continue to play in the background. 

If you wish to turn off the music while visiting other pages of the site, minimize the site page  (look at the upper right hand side of your computer screen... click the - sign and your site screen will become small). Your site page should appear as a tiny icon at the bottom of your computer screen. Then you should see the playlist box on your screen. ( If for some reason your site page doesn't move to the bottom, but just appears as a smaller screen on the page, just  click on the screen behind the smaller site page to bring the pop-up page to the front ). 

Once you see the pop-up page, just click off the pop-up playlist by clicking on the small x in the upper corner.  Then maximize the site page (  either click on the icon at the bottom of the screen OR if the smaller version of the page is still on the screen, go to the upper right corner of the small site page and click on the small square ).  The page will once again be full size  and the music will be off. 

You can still play the music by going to the "Our Music" page again and following the directions, but the music will not play when you leave and go to other pages unless you click the pop-up button again.